LinkiBag: Affordable Places to Buy Baby and Kids Products

From welcoming a newborn to watching our little ones grow up, we all want our children to have everything they need to thrive. With so many options available it can be tricky figuring out what you need let alone where you should look to buy baby and kids supplies. That’s why we’ve gathered a list of resources to create a budget-friendly parent’s survival guide that will help you find affordable products that won’t break the bank. Are you ready? Let’s get started!

Baby diapers, strollers, clothes, and toys, the list can go on and on. Little by little these expenses…

Top 10 Free SEO Tools to Boost Your Online Presence

In today’s digital age, search engines are trusted to direct consumers towards relevant sources of information. While there is “6.59 billion GB of Internet traffic” (Internet Live Stats®, 2021) every second, your online traffic depends on search engine optimization (SEO). Now with plenty of services that claim to get the job done, how do you know which one will give you measurable results? To make this a little easier, we have compiled a list of 10 free SEO tools to help boost your online presence.

Before we begin, let’s talk about why this is important. Acting as guides, service providers…

LinkiBag: A few thoughts from a SmartPhone user

Smartphones have become a natural part of our lives. If you’re trying to contact a relative living abroad, you can head to the app store to find a messenger like WhatsApp that will let you contact them for free. Or perhaps you’re looking for a way to edit your photos for Instagram, there’s an app for that too. With Google® Play and the Apple® App Store offering $3.14M and $2.09M apps respectively (Statistica®, 2021a), it is clear that the market is booming. …

LinkIBag: watch your links

Now more than ever cybersecurity concerns are on the rise. Every day people browse the internet and download online files, without considering the potential consequences of their actions. With the rapid growth of technology and millions working from home, threats in information security have become a worldwide issue. In fact, “since the pandemic began, the FBI reported a 300% increase in reported cybercrimes” (Sobers, 2021).

With every technological advancement, cybercriminals adapt their methods and techniques to outsmart new developments. Malware, ransomware, phishing — the list will only continue to grow as we continue to move towards a digital world. A…

LinkiBook: The Future is Uncertain

Ebook publishing is an emerging sector that caters to a new generation of customers. Among them, students represent both the main consumers and primary beneficiaries. In 2019, the total revenue generated by the e-book publishing industry in the United States was a staggering $3.3 billion, and that figure is expected to increase in the next five years. (Ibisworld, 2020)

Today’s students are exceptionally tech-savvy and better adapted to computer technology than any other generation before them. It is only natural that they prefer electronic textbooks to the outdated printed schoolbooks.

Ebooks vs. Printed textbooks in 2020

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic has brought radical changes to our…

Top 10 Best Recipes and Cooking Websites by LinkiBag®. Download your LinkiBook in pdf format below.

An Age-Old Question

Everyone has asked themselves the question of whether they should eat in or eat out at some point in their life. It’s not a new debate, in fact, it’s rather old. Yet, there’s no doubt that the pandemic has changed the way we view our relationship with food. Whether you have increased your grocery outings or taken up going through a drive-through for a chance to get out of the house, COVID-19 has made one thing clear: there’s been an undeniable shift in the way we act. Are you wondering how? …

10 Websites To Find Your Next Freelance Job Websites by LinkiBag®. Download your LinkiBook™ in pdf format below.

COVID-19 has changed the job market in ways that no one could have expected. University and college graduates have come out of programs with no jobs in sight while many working professionals have suddenly found themselves left without a source of income. With the lack of job security on the rise, individuals have been forced to ask: is there another way?

We all know the traditional 9–5 workday. Wake up, make your coffee, go to the office and come back home. Historically speaking, it offered stability and a guaranteed income- until now. The pandemic’s destabilization of the world’s economy and…

The Move to Digital: The eBook Dilemma

LinkiBag®.com: The Move to Digital

The effectiveness of paperback books in comparison to online resources has been an ongoing topic of discussion. While some may say that the feel of using books cannot be replaced nor replicated by a screen, others argue that accessing information online is the most effective way to stay up to date with new developments. In a world where people rely on fast information, can businesses, researchers and students afford to wait for publishers to release paper copies?

Let us put things into perspective. On average it takes anywhere from 9 months to over…

LinkiBag®: share links with your students

It comes as no surprise that the usage of technology within classroom settings has become a serious topic of interest. Yet, while educators had begun to enhance their student’s learning experiences with technology, the changes had been slow: until now. The sudden shift to online learning has acted as a catalyst for technological innovations and the rise of online tutoring companies in the education sector.

Online learning is nothing new. However, with no formal IT training, navigating digital classrooms has been a struggle for schoolteachers across the globe, often leaving their students behind in their studies. In fact, a report…

LinkiBag®: Online Tools for Online Education

As the world takes a break and waits for the COVID storm to settle, internet technology continues to evolve at a rapid speed. The upcoming launch of 5G technology will revolutionize our society and make online education the standard in teaching and learning for years to come. 5G will help students continue their education outside the classroom, delivering the same data speeds and responsiveness in the classroom to their phone or laptop (Nocchi, 2019).

In the face of this epochal change, there is a massive demand for virtual education solutions that will make school easier for both teachers and students…

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